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How do I edit the text in my website?

Video Tutorial For Content Management System

To edit the text in your website, you can use the simple Content Management System (CMS). First, go to the login screen by adding the /cms to the end of your website address such as this:

Enter the Content Management username and password provided to you in your hosting setup file.

Click Login.


Select which file (which web page) you wish to modify. (You can ignore the folder selections on the left.) The files (pages) are named logically except for the home page. The file name for the home page is index.php.

Once you have opened the file, you will see a text area to modify. (On some pages, there may be several separate text areas. You may need to scroll down to see the one you want.)


Make any changes to those areas you'd like by typing in the area. You can even use the formatting controls if you'd like, but keep in mind that it is usually more professional to keep the formatting that matches the rest of the site.

Note: Pasting preformatted text into your CMS can create problems. It's fine to paste in plain, unformatted text from another file (such as Notepad), but if you are pasting in text from Microsoft Word, make sure you use the special button for pasting from Word. If you always type directly into the content management system, you don't need to worry about this.


When you are done with the page, click Save.

NOTE: The preview button may give you some idea of how your changes will look on the actual webpage, but it will not be exact.

When you are done, log out. You can view your changes in the actual live website. (You may need to click to refresh or reload it in the browser.)


Anytime you update text in your website using your Content Management System, it's a good idea to keep a backup copy of that text.