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What's the easiest way to get my email?

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Most of our clients feel the easiest way to check their new email account is to use webmail. First, go to your website, and type the word "webmail" on the end similar to this:

Press the Enter key on your keyboard or click on the Enter or Go button to get to the webmail sign in page. A window will pop up for you to enter your username and password. For your username, type in the full email address you would like to check. For your password, enter the email password we sent to you when your website was completed.

Once you're logged in, you will have a choice of three webmail programs to use. It doesn't matter which one you choose. Simply click on a program and try it out! It's that easy!

One thing to keep in mind with webmail accounts is that you need to delete the emails when you are done with them. If you leave all your mail on the server, you could run out of space, and that would keep your email from working.